California Extra Light Halves Walnut Kernels (Akhrot)

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California Extra Light Halves Walnut Kernels, Vacuumed Pack
  • DIRECT FROM FARM: We, at Farmley, source all the nuts & dry fruits directly from the farms which are hygienically packed in a HACCP certified unit.
  • WHY FARMLEY CALIFORNIA WALNUTS: Farmley imports California Walnuts directly from US Farms that are specially handpicked and unadulterated.
  • ONLY GOOD, NO BAD: Farmley brings to you the most premium Walnuts that are 100% Natural. No Adulteration, No Chemicals, No Preservatives, Non-GMO.
  • RICH IN ANTI-OXIDANTS: Farmley's California walnuts are an excellent source of antioxidants that are good for health.
  • GREAT FOR HEART: These walnuts are a good source of vegan omega-3 fat, which help reduce heart disease risk.
  • HEALTHY GUT: Our unadulterated walnuts contains beneficial bacteria that improves gut health.
  • CONTROLS APPETITE: Helps in controlling the appetite; as they are filled with good quality calories that keeps you full.

Country of Origin: California

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