Premium Dried Pineapple Coin Jar- 250 g

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Premium Dried Pineapple Coin Jar, Sweet & Tangy Flavour- 250 g

  • DIRECT FROM FARM: We, at Farmley, source all the nuts & dry fruits directly from the farms which are hygienically packed in a HACCP certified unit.
  • TASTY & FLAVOURUL: Now enjoy goodness of sweet & tangy pineapple in all seasons with our tasty & delicious pineapple coins specially crafted for you!
  • NUTRIENTS RICH: Don't under-estimate the power of these bite-sized pineapple coins! They are not only delicious in taste but are packed with vitamins & minerals. All good for health!
  • RICH IN DIETARY FIBRE: Our pineapple coins are rich in dietary fibres which helps to keep the digestive tract healthy.
  • KEEPS YOU FULL: The insoluble fibre present in our pineapple coins also provides a sense of fullness so it can be a great option to satisfy mid-meal hunger pangs.
  • ONLY GOOD, NO BAD: Farmley brings to you the most premium pineapple coins that are 100% Natural. No Adulteration, No Chemicals, No Preservatives, Non-GMO.

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