Dry Fruit Ladoo- 400 g

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Dry Fruit Ladoo, Authentic Indian Taste- 400 g

Ladoos were always meant to be the little balls full of health and taste. As per a popular origin story, ladoos can be traced back to 300-500 BCE. It is believed that an ancient Indian physician- Sushruta, would use the sweet to give ayurvedic medicines to his patients. The sweet balls helped him manage the dose and also made it easier for the patients to consume.

Farmley brings to you Dry Fruit Ladoos made 100% out of dry-fruits and nuts.

> No Artifical Sugar: All the sweetness is derived from the nuts and dry-fruits, with no extra added sugar.

> Authentic Indian Taste: Tracing back the years old history, Dry Fruit Ladoos bring nutrition combined with authentic Indian taste.

> Rich and Premium: Consisting 30% Almonds, 20% Cashews, 8% Pista, 20% Raisins and 20% Dates, these ladoos are rich in protein and nutrition.

> Made with Love: Each ladoo is put together with hands. It delivers pure love to you, which gives an instant boost to your mood and energy.

> Enriching Flavour: Cardamom, Ghee and Khas-Khas enhances the taste and makes you want to keep coming back.

> Great for Gifting: Gift a box full of health, nutrition, taste and love to your loved ones.

Farmley’s Dry Fruit Ladoos are a box full of happiness.

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