Mamra Almonds- 200 g

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Characterized by their Concave Shape, Mamra Almonds grow in Iran and Afghanistan and are nutritionally far more superior than the rest.

> Rarest Kind: Out of total almond produce only 4% are Mamra Almonds.

> Rich Source: Mamra Almonds are a rich source of Protein and Minerals. They are also Carbohydrates rich as compared to all the other almonds.

> Symbol of Royalty: Because of their rarity and history dated years back, these almonds are considered a symbol of royalty and hence are also a perfect option for gifting.

> Concave Shaped: These almonds can be differentiated from the rest, just by the way they look.

> Premium: Accounting for only 5% of the total almond sale, these are considered the most premium range of almonds.

> Benefits Health: Rich in Proteins, Minerals & Vitamins; Mamra Almonds boost the immune system and help prevent a lot of diseases.

Premium Quality coupled with plenty of beneficial properties, Mamra Almonds are one of a kind.

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