Why We Exist?

The truth is that packaged food industry needs to be set right, and that’s why we exist.

Consumers, like you and us, pay a hefty amount for good quality, clean, tasty & nutritious food. However if we look deep enough, we realize that only a tiny part of it goes towards the food we eat. Assume we pay 100 for a pack of healthy snacks. Out of which, 35-40 would go towards brand endorsements, 10 might go towards packaging, another 20 towards different middlemen/margins. What remains is a tiny portion that businesses call “cost of goods”. This also leads to adulteration of food to save on food cost. If even 75% of what we pay, went towards the food we eat – it would be much cleaner, tastier and nutritious.

This is exactly what we are to solve. Over the past 5 years, we have invested in building the deepest backend linkages directly with the best farms, not only in India – but across the world. Our relentless product team along with farming leaders, have innovated across product categories. Thanks to them, we are able to deliver:

  • High quality, adulteration free products to the end customer at competitive prices
  • Drive maximum value to the farmer community by eliminating middlemen

So go forward, and indulge. Healthy snacking, delightful sweets, crunchy nuts, exotic berries and so much more. We have ensured that with every purchase, you will be making a great impact in the lives of our 1000+ farmer community.