A Brief History

Makhana’s (also known as Fox Nut) history began to take a shape when it originated in Madhubani- a popular Mithilanchal region of Bihar. In the eighteenth century, under the rule of King Darbhanga, Makhana was cultivated in Darbhanga and Madhubani districts. Over the years an enriched history has weaved around the nut and today more than 3500 MT of makhana is traded annually in Madhubani.

Present Day

Flipping the pages to years ahead, today we at Farmley are on our road to becoming a significant part of the Makhana story. With an end-to-end automated and self-regulated process, we bring the best quality Makhanas directly from the farm to your palm.

The Roadblocks
We had our own barriers to deal with when we thought of bringing the product to your homes, for we were yet to garner an understanding of what you would like and what colour, size, and quality you would want to pick. We didn’t just want to make a go-to healthy snacking option, but we also wanted its look and feel to convey everything that cannot be said.
Genesis to Final Product
Hop on, for we would like to take you on a journey of how your favourite Makhana reaches you.

Right from the genesis, to the point where our consumer receives the product, we control the whole supply chain, assuring that the product is not adulterated at any stage and is consistent throughout.

Adhering to all the standards and certifications including- ISO and HACCP, we make sure that we deliver the best quality product. Our Makhanas are crisp, free of all the unwelcomed particles, and sized perfectly, not to feel hard to chew.

Farmley’s Makhanas eliminate the never-ending thought loop around compromising on taste when it comes to eating healthy, for it's not just a healthy snacking option, it's a YUMMY HEALTHY SNACKING option!