Have you ever thought to yourself, while casually eating those Cashews Mom has kept on the center table- where do these things come from? What does it take for something that we eat in seconds, to actually reach us?  

The Processing

Cashews like a child are too sensitive and hence are grown in a protected environment. They are first covered by a skin, and further by a hard shell. The shell is super tough and protects the Cashew Nut from all the external forces.

Cashew grows under a fruit, which is dried to help detach the cashew from it. The fruit is widely used in the making of delicacies. Once the shell and fruit are detached, the shell is then heated to make it easier to crack. Post that, the shell is removed, and further skin removal begins. Once both the layers have been finely taken off, the nut is roasted and what we get is the Cashew that we all eat.

Some Cashews, during the breaking down of the outer hard shell, break down into two or more smaller pieces because of the hard force. Such broken down Cashews are then used to add flavour to sweets and gravies all across.

The Roadblocks

The struggle begins at the very beginning, where we toil with choosing the right Cashew Fruit that would give us the Cashew that we need. The Cashew supply chain is too long to map, and its processing- which requires huge investment of machinery, is as tricky to deal with. When the Cashews are graded, the wide range of grades that they are supposed to be sorted into is a process in itself, that needs complete knowledge of grades and ratings.

Farmley’s Approach

Just like how Almonds are kept in parallel with Potatoes, Cashews are kept in parallel with Onions. The two well renowned jodis of “Aloo-Pyaaz” and “Kaju-Badam” are named alongside each other in every household, and beautifully compliment each other.

Cashews grow half-and-half in India and Africa majorly. We at Farmley import our cashews from Africa as they offer better nutritional value and taste. Our Cashew range offers a splendid mouth-feel and are crunchier, tastier and hygienically, naturally and mechanically processed. They are rich in colour and freshness and low in moisture content.

Our consumers trust the product, for they experience consistent quality, which in turn makes them trust the process through which Farmley brings to them the premium white Cashew they eat.