Chia Seeds (200g) + Seed Mix (200g)

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Seed Mix

  • Farmley's Seed Mix is a perfect blend of five nutrient-packed seeds: Chia Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, Watermelon Seeds & Sunflower Seeds.
  • This unadulterated mix is a natural energy booster, free from preservatives, making it an ideal choice for adding that spoonful of health to all your meals.
  • Thoughtfully curated, this versatile mix can be seamlessly integrated into various recipes - sprinkle over smoothies, garnish desserts, enhance healthy meal bowls, or add to oats and daliya for a nutritional punch.
  • With endless possibilities, our Seed Mix is your go-to solution for elevating flavour, crunch and wellness in your everyday meals.

Chia Seeds

  • Farmley's Chia Seeds 100% natural and free from preservatives.
  • A natural energy booster with 16% protein content, these seeds redefine the snacking experience.
  • Versatile in use, they seamlessly integrate into various recipes & meals - sprinkle over smoothies, bake into desserts, enhance meal bowls, or create nutritious chia puddings.
  • With rich omega-3 and fiber content, these seeds are a wholesome addition to your breakfast bowls and daliya, offering a deliciously nutritious way to elevate your daily meals.

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