Date Bites

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Date Bites, Enriched with Dry-fruits- 200 g

Satisfy all your sweet cravings with Farmley’s date bites, also called dry fruits barfi, coming from the culture of Gujarat.

> Enriched with Dry-fruits: Carrying the goodness of Dates, Almonds and Pista, Date Bites are cubes full of health and energy.

> Made with Love: Each sweet handmade date bite is put together with love, just for you.

> Appetizing: With a pinch of Cardamom added to the delicacy, each bite makes you want to not stop.

> Immunity Booster: With the goodness of nuts put together, it fulfills all your nutritional needs, and boosts your immunity in turn.

> Nutty Texture: Nuts sprinkled with the culture of Gujarat, your Barfi just got better.

Sweetness coming naturally from dates and nuts, Date Bites have been curated to deliver authentic and rich Indian taste.

Country of origin: India

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