Mixes Combo (720g)

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Berry Mix 200g + Trail Mix 200g + Panchmeva 160g + Tropical Savoury 160g (720g Combo)

  • Farmley's Mixes have been curated from our signature Dry Fruits, Nuts, Dried Berries & Seeds.
  • Our Mixes have been thoughtfully curated to blend health & taste in each mouthful, in order to serve your complete nutrient requirements.
  • We undergo continuous in-house R&D to evolve our mixes based on the customers’ needs & feedback.
  • Mixes have multiple adaptive uses - from being used consumed directly as a raw snack to being sprinkled on your Smoothies, Salads, Yogurt & Cereal.
  • The range redefines wholesome snacking - where flavour meets goodness.


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