Point-of-View: It’s 5 pm, and you crave your favourite snack-and-chai combo, but you also know that just after eating it, you would feel guilty about going for an unhealthy snack yet another time. You look for healthy options, but fail to find them. We know how it feels, for we have been there and felt that.

Introducing Farmley’s Unique Innovation- World’s First Makhana Pasta!

We innovate and curate products from the farm-fresh nuts, for the new you! From Roasted & Flavoured Makhanas to Makhana Pasta, we are bringing to you the age-old snack Makhana in new and innovative avatars.

Evolved from Makhanas, Makhana Pasta is 100% maida free, super easy to cook, lip-smackingly tasty & unbelievably healthy!


  • World’s First Makhana Pasta: Launching a pasta made out of nuts for the first time. Made 50% out of Fox-nuts, 1% Water, and 49% Semolina (Suji)- it tastes just like any other pasta, just healthier.
  • Guilt-Free Pasta: Makhana Pasta is 100% Maida free, and contains 0% Sugar and Cholesterol. It is here to save you from all your guilt trips.
  • Rich in Protein and Fiber: Makhana Pasta contains 12g protein which equals a 150ml glass of milk, and contains 4g Dietary Fiber which equals the amount of fiber in 10 wheat chapatis.
  • A Friend Indeed: Makhana Pasta is easy to digest, and is even easier to cook.
  • 5x Calcium: Compared to refined flour pasta, Makhana Pasta contains 5x Calcium, making it a healthy snacking alternative.
  • The best of all times: Makhana Pasta contains no artificial colours, is soy-free, and contains 100% plant-based protein.
  • High in Dietary Fiber- Our Makhana Pasta is high in Dietary Fiber, which helps you manage weight. It makes you feel full sooner, in turn, you eat half as much as you do generally, which makes you want to eat less and stay satisfied for longer.
  • Low Glycemic Index: Glycemic Index indicates how fast sugar is being absorbed into our blood. Higher GI increases the insulin level which in turn increases sugar level in the body, and hence is not suggested to be consumed by a diabetic patient. Whereas Makhanas have lower GI, which means it will take time for the sugar to get absorbed in the blood, and hence is much safer to be consumed by a diabetic patient.
  • Doesn’t get soggy too fast: Our consumers have been amazed by the fact that Makhana Pasta takes much longer to get soggy as compared to any other Pasta, which they think is a factor that would always make them want to choose Makhana Pasta over any other Pasta.
Available in two variants- Penne and Macaroni, Makhana Pasta is your new snack-time buddy, who will accompany you on your journey towards healthy snacking and will yet not let you compromise on taste.