5 Wonder Dry Fruits To Include In Your Daily Diet

Our traditional wisdom has always emphasized the importance of consuming Dry Fruits and Nuts for a fit body and sound mind. Therefore, they have always been a part of childhood where our mothers or grandmothers would feed us soaked almonds on winter mornings or garnish pistachios and cashews on sweet dishes.

It's time to revive such generational habits by including these superfoods in your daily diet and reap their health benefits. If your New Year's resolution is to manage your weight effectively, then Dry Fruits may just be your best aid as an incredibly nutritious and healthy snack. 

Benefits of Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, proteins, and many more nutrients. Some more health benefits of Dry Fruits that will inspire you to add them to your daily diet are:

  • Reduces obesity risk.
  • Prevents and fights diseases.
  • Maximise nutrient intake.
  • Controls natural sugar and calories.

So which dry fruits to eat and when?

1) Start the Day with Almonds

Kickstart your day with a couple of almonds! Almonds are a major source of antioxidants, good fats, calories, and protein. Almonds on an empty stomach in the morning can help to improve digestion. Their fibre promotes good gut and digestive health. Soaked and peeled almonds help to manage weight with their natural fats and support good heart health. Soaking them enhances their nutrition making it a super healthy start to the day.

2) Healthy Breakfast

Dried berries are packed with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. They are a great topping on fruit bowls, smoothies, or yoghurt for breakfast. There are various berries like cranberries, blueberries, Black Currants, and strawberries to choose from. Not only are Dried berries nutritious, but they are decadent treats on the tastebuds due to their textures and flavours. Cranberries can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, and are good for teeth health. Similarly, dried blueberries are good for bone and heart health.

3) Dessert after Lunch

Feeling that sweet tooth craving after lunch? Replace sweets with a couple of dates. Its benefits and natural sugar can substitute for sugar in sweets. Dates can be used to make rich and healthy sugar-free desserts, too. A no-effort easy dessert is the premade Date Bites by Farmley.

4) Snack Time

Evening munchies are always a good idea to indulge in during a break! At such times it is better to munch on a quick healthy snack. Cashews have healthy fats, calories, and fibre to make up for 5 pm cravings. Spice up snack time with roasted and flavoured cashews from Farmley.

5) Good Sleep

Tossing and turning in bed, and unable to sleep? Try having a couple of walnuts daily before you hit the bed. The natural melatonin and healthy fats in walnuts enhance sleep. They are also rich sources of protein that improves heart health and reduces cholesterol.

Bonus Healthy Snacks

Seeds are great to control cholesterol, manage blood pressure, and to maintain blood sugar. Pumpkin seeds lower blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Having chia seeds after meals can reduce blood sugar and reduce heart disease.

Makhanas or Foxnuts are also healthy snacks rich in nutrients. It is easy to turn this bland snack into something exciting with the flavoured makhanas by Farmley.

To sum up, Dry Fruits are the perfect addition to the daily diet. It is a superfood treasure with only health benefits to offer. Get creative and include it in food recipes as well!

Wondering where to find natural and premium dry fruits? Farmley has a wide variety of adulteration-free and high nutritional value Dry Fruits. We take care that all the benefits from these premium Dry Fruits are accessible to customers as they make the switch to healthier food choices. We also have an assortment of flavoured snacks and Dry Fruits combos to make snacking healthy and tasty 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to integrate dry fruits into the diet?

A. You can either have dry fruits whole or you can add them to your food and consume it. You can add dry fruits to a fruit bowl or muesli for breakfast, roast them with a pinch of salt for a snack, or top desserts with them.

Q. How many dry fruits to eat in a day?

A. Having more than 40g of dry fruits in a day is not advisable. A layman's measurement can be a fistful of mixed dry fruits. Individually, have 2-3 pieces of each dry fruit. You can find Farmley's best dry fruit combo here.

Q. Which is the best season to have dry fruits?

A. Winter is the best season to build your health with dry fruits. You can continue to have dry fruits in summer as well. All you should do is soak the dry fruits overnight or 4-6 hours before eating.


It is also suggested that you consult your dietician or physician for your consumption patterns and recommended dietary allowances.